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Recently Supported P​rograms and Projects

​Thanks to our incredible donors, in 2019 LSCF provided over $568,127 to LSRCA programs and projects. The total project value was over $3,000,000. Thank you!

Here are some supported program and project highlights:

​Sprouting Seeds and Growing Minds

In 2014, Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) Environmental Outreach Educators first introduced the Aquatic Plants Program to students in grades three to six. Just one of many of the innovative experiential education programs taught by LSRCA’s outdoor educators, Aquatic Plants teaches students to grow their own native aquatic plants right in the classroom and then plant them in the local eco-system. The program is very popular and has been quietly expanding.


​Navigating Nature with You

You may have seen it zipping around already in its quest to teach our kids all about nature. And I’m sure it made you smile. The Outreach Education team travels all over our watershed delivering curriculum based environmental education to students. In the past, staff had always used their own personal vehicles, putting a lot of kilometers on gas guzzling cars. Plus with no logo or branding on the vehicle, it was a missed opportunity to engage more with the public while out and about.


Therapy in the Woods

Therapy in the Woods is a partnership between LSRCA Education and Children’s Development Services, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre designed to support early learners with sensory and physical challenges. The program supports therapeutic goals like improve​d dynamic balance, introduction of sensory opportunities like the auditory exploration of the forest, animals and nature, increased upper limb function and socialization with peers in the community.


Enhancing Fish Habitat

The Lake Simcoe Watershed Fish Habitat Enhancement Project is a multi-year partnership with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans “Recreational Fisheries Community Partnership Program” that is decreasing barriers to fish passage in our streams and rivers. It re-establishes natural watercourses, increases fish habitat, creates wetlands for waterfowl and other birds and educates the public on the importance of a healthy ecosystem.


Nokiidaa Trail Expansion

Stretching 20 kilometres, the Nokiidaa Trail links three watershed communities; Aurora, Newmarket and East Gwillimbury. The trail passes through local Town parks and green spaces, past wetlands and historic cultural sites and has links to numerous Conservation Areas including Rogers Reservoir, Wesley Brooks (Fairy Lake), Sheppard’s& Bush and Mabel Davis.